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We facilitate relationship and access to contact worldwide.

Head of States, top government officials, VIPs, opinion leaders, experts, key decision makers, top chief executives…

We have the capacity and the will to connect you to the World !

Always tailored. Always personal.

We help you define the context, the pretext, the best momentum to prepare and to create the link.

Why? What? How? Where? When? Whom? How much?

We open the span of what is possible, and we bring clarity and solutions.

Always ambitious. Always realistic.

We design and develop what it takes to build a strong relationship and to derive top value from your connection.

The first impression is often the right one...

We have the ability to create the right touch point.

We organise the event for you :

  • bilateral, exclusive gathering, conference, forum, gala dinner...

We help you join an exclusive event as :

  • a participant, a special guest, a keynote speaker, a partner, a host...

Always meaningful. Always first class.





⌯ About us and our DNA ⌯

Building trust by facilitating high level and sustainable relationships.

Denise Burnet

Denise Burnet spent 41 years with the World Economic Forum in Geneva. Member of the Executive Committee since 2015, she has been the Director for Global Events.

Throughout her career, Denise has been in charge of organizing and coordinating global meetings and round table discussions at the highest governmental and industrial levels.

This includes the first Geneva Meeting of the World Economic Forum and subsequent meetings in France, Turkey, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, and :

  • the first regional summit in Hong Kong (1991) with more than 1’000 participants during 3 days.
  • the first Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, Asia, South Africa and other African countries (South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe)
  • the Annual Meetings in Davos – the key and the major event of the World Economic Forum.
  • the Annual Meetings of the New Champions in China, of the Global Future Councils in Dubai, the Sustainable Development Summit in New York, and the Annual Meetings of the Young Global Leaders in numerous countries.

Denise developed trusted and personal relationships with government representatives and international institutions (IMF, ECB, OECD) and top CEOs, more particularly within the Middle East (Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, Israel) and France, and was more recently the Advisor for France to the President. She was part of the negotiation and signing of numerous Memoranda of Understanding with numerous governments.

The mission of her role was to ensure full organization and coordination of major global events, managing the end-to-end projects, including planning, site visits and subsequent recommendations, deadline memos, programme coordination, invitation process and all related communications (i.e. documentation and useful information), team organization and responsibilities, budget creation and follow up, logistics (transport, IT, hotels, staff, etc) and debriefing sessions.

Always conscious of what first class delivery really means, Denise created and led a team dedicated to deliver the highest quality of all communications, follow-up of invitations, analysis of the data and the proper system coding for all the public figures invited to the World Economic Forum events.

2011, Recipient of Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, under the Presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy, France.

It’s all about connections. Don’t you agree?





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